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Patricia Sugihara

Director of Education
Patricia Sugihara is a certified groomer and specializes in hand stripping and Japanese grooming styles. Patricia has over 16 years’ experience in business management, and grooming instruction and is a multiple award winning groomer in national and international competitions.  Patricia was featured in an inspirational short film “A Competitive Dog Grooming Story,” on Groom TV, and her beautiful work was featured in the viral photo series “Hairy” by Grace Chon.

Patricia began her grooming career at the young age of 16 and quickly worked her way up to becoming a competition groomer, manager, regional grooming instructor for PetSmart, and eventually the driving force to the development of Healthy Spot Grooming Salons and their grooming education programs since the company's genesis in 2008.

Patricia is a popular and talented grooming instructor producing many award winning grooming students for Healthy Spot.  Patricia’s top priority in teaching grooming is compassionate pet handling and safety. Patricia instills to her students the belief that to excel, you must always challenge yourself, work hard, and stay positive to achieve true happiness and success! 


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Cameron Adkins

Cameron Adkins is a graduate of Healthy Spot's educational program.  He has been grooming for 7 years and has been in the pet industry for over a decade.

Currently, Cameron is an instructor at Healthy Spot.  To Cameron, the most important part of the job (aside from the safety and comfort of the dog) is maintaining healthy relationships with his clientele.  He is quoted as saying to his students, "Your job is to earn your clients trust, and be worthy of the trust you earn."  Cameron attributes his success to the tutelage of his mentor, Patricia Sugihara.

"Patricia showed me how to connect with the dog through gentle handling, how to appreciate top quality grooming and style, and how important our role is as groomers in the lives of our clients and their dogs." 

Since his graduation, Cameron has gone on to take home multiple awards from international grooming competitions, specializing in terriers.  He is frequently invited to be a groomer/consultant for popular television shows like PetTalk on NatGeo, FABlife on DisneyABC, and The Profit on CNBC.  Cameron was a featured groomer for the "Hairy Series, Before and After" who's viral success landed him credit nationally in Huffington Post, Insider, Bored Panda, and many more, as well as international acclaim in online publications from the Netherlands, Peru, Austria, Germany, and Italy.  Cameron recently groomed two dogs on set for Vogue Magazine's Spring 2017 issue.

Cameron is quoted as saying "Everyone's love for their dog cuts right to the core of them, right straight to the heart.  When we take care of that part of (the dogs and clients) we develop a bond that's really special.  It's a really cool part of the job, and my favorite part of the job."

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Donna Owens

Lead Instructor
Donna Owens is an internationally recognized award winning groomer, respected educator, speaker, and judge. Donna is a Master Groomer certifier with over 30 years’ experience pet grooming & styling industry. She was a Groom Team USA gold medalist, and has won over 60 grooming awards during her competitive career. Donna earned her teaching credential from the University of San Diego and is a Health Science Major.  Donna has taught animal science, pet first aid & CPR, pet business management, and grooming for over 17 years.   

Donna has been an instructor for over 17 years and has produced award winning students. Donna says her greatest teaching accomplishment is the success of her students. Donna earned “Teacher of The Year” and “Program of Excellence” in 2006, and an accommodation from the California Board of Education in 2009, for her development and instruction of a state adult education grooming program in California. Donna has been a featured educational writer for the top industry magazine Groomer to Groomer and has been featured on their cover several times.  In addition to teaching, Donna has many years of experience in dog training, breeding and handling dogs in the AKC dog show ring.  Donna is an advocate for spay & neutering pets, and has volunteered and supported numerous rescue organizations and events including “One picture saves a life” with pet photographer Seth Casteel.  



Cindy Reyes

Cindy Reyes has been grooming for 5 years in Healthy Spot and has been in the pet industry for 7 years in total. Cindy began her career as groomer assistant and quickly moved up to now be one of the grooming instructors at Healthy Spot.

During her training with Patricia Sugihara, Cindy learned the importance of good handling skills. It has enabled her to perform great quality even in the most difficult of dogs. Cindy’s philosophy of being “Calm, Cool, Collected,” has enabled her to connect with dogs thus giving her the power to earn pet parent’s trust.

Cindy’s style of grooming is best reflected through free style teddy bear cuts. She has won numerous awards for this style of grooming, in both national and international competitions.

Healthy Spot has provide Cindy with a great deal of sponsorship ranging from her grooming apprenticeship to multiple grooming competitions to continued education outside of healthy spot. She was given the opportunity to train with Nancy K. Han (1995 Silver Medalist at World Cup Competition) and Kumi Tachikake (Multiple award winning Pet Stylist). Nancy and Kumi mentored Cindy to perfect her knowledge of Bichon standard breed cut.

For Cindy, grooming is a form of art. She teaches her students the artistic skills needed to perform beautiful cuts. She hopes to inspire her students to reach and exceed their own personal goals within grooming, and see them grow to be great artists.  Cindy’s personal goal is to be part of the Groom Team USA and hopes to be an inspiration to future groomers.